How you'll earn

HouseAfrica simplifies real estate investment;
Not its rewards.

Democratized Real Estate Ownership

HouseAfrica splits properties into shares (in square meters, SQM), recorded as digital units on Blockchain. Empowering you to own property shares from as low as ₦10k

Rental Returns

Owning shares in a property makes you a co-landlord. You'll earn income as rents are paid.

Steady Capital

Overtime, your initial investment increases as a property's value grows. You'll cashout higher capital after the holding period.

How it Works

Democratized Real Estate Hub

We’ve reduced verified listed
properties into bits to accommodate your budget using

Your Choice, Your Number

You can begin with 1 or 100.
Choose any number of
property shares you

Relax and Earn

Properties are fully managed by trusted partners. See your rental returns and capital appreciations on your dashboard, at anytime.

Your Investment is Protected

Each share ownership is backed by the acquired property where our Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Licensed Trustee holds and manages the property on behalf of all the investors.

The properties are held under individual Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) and are separated from the assets and liabilities of HouseAfrica.

Security. Peace of Mind.
Using Blockchain Technology

Your property shares are
represented in digital assets [SQMT]
Easy, secure, and faster
transfer of ownership
Global ownership verification.
Verify your property anywhere
in the world.
Instant Proof of Ownership,
immediately you buy property

HouseAfrica's guarantee goes beyond our technology.

Every listed property is fulfilled by trusted third-party partners:

HouseAfrica is an innovation whose time has come. Now everyone can invest in Real Estate. The team is passionate and knowledgeable - I believe this is going to be big very soon.

Uche Aniche StartupSouth

HouseAfrica has enable me to own houses without breaking my bank. Now I will start enjoying rental profits.

Henry Mascot Curacel Systems

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